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A small farm on the Norfolk Broads dedicated to raising rare breed British Lop pigs and marsh-grazed lamb, hogget and mutton.


British Lop Pigs


Marsh-grazed sheep

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Welfare & Conservation

The British Lop is a very rare pig! The Rare Breed Survival Trust estimate only 100-200 breeding females remain and so we wish to play a small part in ensuring the survival of the breed. 

All our sheep are marsh-grazed throughout the year either on the farm or on nearby grazing land. We have a mixed flock including some rarer breeds such as the beautiful and local Norfolk Horn.

Animal welfare is at the heart of everything we do. We also aim to farm in a regenerative way and where possible preserve and conserve nature through conservation grazing and our pioneering 'Pigs & Pollinators' project.

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