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We are a small working farm aiming to provide a happy and healthy environment for our livestock. Our small scale allows us to pay close attention to the welfare of each individual animal.

Our pigs are kept in small groups in paddocks or woodland with the freedom to roam and the opportunity to exhibit their natural behaviour.  Our sheep are grazed on local marshland year round. This more natural lifestyle we believe makes for contented animals and a quality end product.


We primarily supply our meat to the local community through collection and delivery and also a select number of local restaurants and catering businesses. Our woodland reared British Lop Pork Charcuterie can be purchased from our online shop.




Vic does a bit of everything at Thatched House Farm: Pig feeding and farrowing, sheep checking, lambing, customer service, social media and all the boring admin stuff. She also likes to grow enormous pig snacks in the veg patch and these days doesn't sport any footwear other than wellies.



Richard is a pig man at heart. He loves them. If you can't find him he is is generally to be found scratching a pig. He will go out for hours on his bike in Autumn looking for acorns for them. When the piglets haven't learnt to wallow yet he gets out the factor 50 sun cream.



What Michael doesn't know about sheep really isn't worth knowing. Michael's dulcet tones can often be heard in these parts shouting 'Boo, lie down!'. Boo is a very competent sheep dog but occasionally likes to take the sheep on a little jaunt through local gardens just for fun. 

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